Under this heading we include useful results for the rest of the agents involved in the process, such as the Public Administration, companies, etc. The most important are:

  • Collaborate with the different Institutions whose missions include coordinating health innovation processes, contributing our specific knowledge of the sector in question.
  • Increase the number of participants in the Platform (health and non-health centers), in order to promote the essential climate of communication and collaboration that characterizes these processes.
  • Study the regulatory framework that regulates the transfer of technology at the national level and in the different Autonomous Communities, in order to guarantee the adaptation to the legality of the actions undertaken, and even contribute to orient new legislative developments so that they are of the greatest effectiveness .
  • Develop an information model that allows computer support to a database of relevant actors, with the intention that it be a live support, in real time, where changes are reflected immediately.


The expected results for the members of the platform are derived from the support for the creation and formalization of innovation support units in their centers. The mission of these units is to support innovation and technology transfer processes, through an explicit definition of the workflows involved, the implementation of measures to detect innovation where it occurs and the promotion of adequate training of the different levels that participate. Other missions of these units are:

  • Identify potential partners relevant to the process, such as technology receiving companies, research groups or technology centers that can contribute to the valuation or prototyping processes, consulting entities, etc.
  • Share resources and experiences among them, seeking synergies at the local or national level.
  • Define evaluation criteria that allow measuring and controlling the progress of the process, and that facilitate ISCIII the evaluation of the results obtained.