Galicia Sur Health Research Institute


The Galicia Sur Health Research Institute (IISGS) constitutes a space for multidisciplinary research in Biomedicine, based in the Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital in Vigo, which brings together the clinical research groups from the Health Areas in the South of Galicia (Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra) and the biotech groups of the University of Vigo. Its main objective is to promote translational research and innovation, and thus ensure the effective application of research results in order to improve the health of citizens.

The IISGS was created in 2008 after a cooperation agreement was signed between the Regional Ministry of Health, the Galician Healthcare Service and the University of Vigo, and the Galicia Sur Biomedical Foundation (FBGS) is the entity in charge of managing all Institute’s activities.

Our mission is to foster research, teaching, innovation and scientific-technological development within the Galician healthcare system. We work together to promote innovation and research in Galicia, making available to researchers and to general society the necessary means and resources.





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