Consejeros Externos Asociados


Grupo Consea (1976) is a business group whose legal head is Associate Executive Directors (CONSEA), and its main activity is to provide legal and financial support services, both public and private enterprise business. It consists of a group of professionals, practicing different disciplines, and who have united in a common project in order to provide personalized service and quality.

CONSEA is known for its leadership in the design and implementation of strategies for public-private partnerships, as well as the identification and management of public financing lines for the development of technology-based projects, and R & D & I.

CONSEA specializes in strategic business and legal, tax and advisory services to public and private sector, with special attention to the processes of R & D & I, innovative public procurement and production spaces. The professionals in our company are experts in managing projects related to public procurement of innovative technology (IPP), and public-private partnership contracts (PPP), through the design of the project structure, the formation of consortia, obtaining public funding or private, and the contacting of large and small technology companies to achieve R & D & I.