Founded in 1968, Costaisa Group is an international corporate group specialized in IT outsourcing, strategy and business consultancy services, as well as design, development and implementation of technological solutions in the healthcare sector. Our team is composed by near 500 professionals with several profiles on clinical and business areas, high qualified and with a vast experience on international projects.

Our product suite covers the majority of the requirements of the information systems in a healthcare centre, from the clinical area (HIS, telemedicine, PACS, nephrology, laboratory, nutrition, medical documentation, anatomical pathology, blood bank and biomedical research) to the non-clinical (ERP, ECM, quality control, interoperability, shift organization and management).


IT outsourcing

  • Technology hosting and housing
  • User support services
  • System administration: mainframe, Linux, Unix, Windows, SAP, etc.
  • Customised development
  • Coding standards knowledge
  • Implementing market solutions
  • Development platform on proprietary framework
  • Technology consulting
  • Designing, planning and/or executing technology infrastructure master plans
  • IT project management
  • Support for internal IT project management
  • Designing and implementing ICT governance models

Clinical software

  • Chaman ( Chaman is an integrated information and hospital management system to be used in any healthcare centre or corporation. It provides an Electronic Clinical History solution which can be either web or client-server based. Chaman has already been implemented in over 400 centres.
  • Phemium ( provide with the necessary technology to implement quickly and affordable customised telemedicine scenarios ("patient-professional" and "professional-professional"), such as teleconsultation, telediagnose, telerehabilitation or telecare.
  • Nefrolab ( modular management solution for processes involved in the Nephrology Service at any hospital that allows the renal patient's clinical course to be monitored at all stages
  • OntoCRF ( centralises data collection in a structured manner through ontology design, formalising and expressing the content, concepts and relationships in a field of interest. 
  • LinkH ( an integration and interoperation solution between medical equipment and information systems improving the Centre's operational efficiency
  • Silverlabnet ( a Laboratory Information System (LIS) for managing the activity of any type of laboratory
  • Gestpath ( a management solution for Anatomical Pathology laboratories that covers the entire workflow associated with the study of anatomical pathology and is integrated with all laboratory elements.
  • CT.MAP ( coding assistant for use in ICD-10-CM/PCS, which responds to the automatic coding needs of each of the different areas in the healthcare circuit.

Non clinical software

  • Sanicost ( the only health certified solution based on SAP for the management of financial (billing, accountin, supply) and supporting services (catering, cleaning, etc.) for all kinds of health centres.
  • Sapasfact ( covers all aspects of managing the supplier invoicing process for any health centre: capture, storage, filing, distribution, validation and integrated accounting with SAP.
  • MantH ( application developed for the integral management of assets (medical equipment, facilities, buildings) and their maintenance using geo-references. Specifically adjusted to the health sector.
  • WorkPlanner ( a human resources planning tool that allows an optimal assignment of activities to persons and an efficient management of related incidences.
  • CommH ( a multi-device solution to integrate healthcare information, which integrates the business rules to abstract data sets: finance, income cycles, supply chain, clinical operations, healthcare supply and resource planning.
  • Listplus ( allows an efficient management of certification and quality management processes for healthcare organisations, by assisting decision making relating to commitment, control and corporate governance.