Our facts

everis is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services. Established in 1996, everis has averaged 20% annual growth in revenues and became part of NTT Data in January, 2014. 

Being part of the NTT Data group enables everis to offer a wider range of solutions and services through increased capacity as well as technological, geographical, and financial resources.

Our differential value

everis’s one-of-a kind HR model combines world-class delivery with a superior commitment and positive attitude to address our clients´ challenges.

everis’s results are always linked to our professionals: talent, entrepreneurship, and positive attitude allow us to offer customized solutions to each of our clients and add greater value to our projects.

Possessing the tools to transform the way business is understood and managed, everis does not merely help companies become more efficient and profitable but, also helps them grow and stay one step ahead.

everis offers differential value in the marketplace due to our ability to obtain results, satisfy our clients and our proven ability to identifying business benefits.

Our Business Areas

everis works with clients in all industries with multi-country teams implementing the best solutions. Since 2010, in the United States, everis has been focused on providing the best value to Banking, Insurance and Health companies as well as Public Institutions. 

- everis business consulting focuses on industry knowledge, service innovation and specialization. 

- everis IT Strategy solutions designs and implements technological solutions and manages applications, infrastructures and outsourcing processes. To do this, everis encourages the use of methodologies that ensure quality, production transfers to high-performance centers, and functional and technological specialization. 

- everis BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is focused on the rendering of outsourced business process services. Our customers enjoy greater internal capacity to focus on more value-added functions of their business,increasing service quality control in their associated areas of expertise. 

- everis outsourcing specializes in strategy, assessing, designing, managing and providing outsourcing services. It brings together experience, recognized market best practices and the tools that address the needs of each client.

- everis centers are designed to deliver high levels of efficiency and productivity including capabilities for executing tasks in an industrialized manner (CCMMI). We have a network of offshore high performance centers in Southern Europa and LATAM, providing a credible, scalable and cost effective alternative to Software Factories.


Excellence is a way of life at everis. It is accomplished through high levels of productivity and the quality of delivery. everis has developed a methodology called COM (Corporate Methods), which encompasses the experiences gained in projects carried out. COM transforms these experiences into easily applicable methods, which provides the most appropriate solutions to our clients. As a result of this way of working everis has obtained the international ISO 9001 certification.Our teams are highly qualified, as our consultants have gained more than a thousand certificates (SAP, Oracle, Sun, IBM, PMI, Prince2, ITIL, etc.). We also have high performance centers with a CMMi-5 certification in several countries. This is the highest level of quality in the software industry.



The purpose of everis bigdata is to help our clients harness the value of all the data that can impact their business development. This is especially the case when it comes to managing large volumes of highly heterogeneous and rapidly generated data.


everis BPO offers organizations the benefits from being able to focus in-house talent and resources on higher value and strategic activities while outsourcing more operational functions.

business consulting

Our Business Consulting Service Unit comprises highly-specialized areas of business strategy. These generate a frame of reference in the market, offering a high added value to our clients through our expert teams.


We are facing a new reality enhanced by the increasing ability of obtaining information "anywhere/anytime" and use it wisely, making it available to certain actors capable of developing new services for the whole of society.


The outsourcing unit is a business line offering applications and infrastructure management services whose most important task is to assure the ability of our clients to comply with their business objectives at a highly competitive cost.


The SAP & Enterprise Solutions (SAP&ES) services unit is responsible for providing consulting and outsourcing services through SAP solutions to all sectors in any business and support process.


everis makes it possible for clients to simplify technology without losing depth, therefore allowing these organizations to concentrate more of their energy on business objectives.