Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia - IBEC


The Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) conducts excellent interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of engineering and life sciences in order to generate new knowledge by putting together fields like nanomedicine, biophysics, biotechnology, tissue engineering and the applications of health information technology.

The model envisaged by IBEC is inspired by a creative, innovative new ecosystem based on interaction between research experts in different technologies (nano-bio-info-cogno) to generate new knowledge and engineering solutions in health technology.

The knowledge that exists in the IBEC research groups is structured in three broad avenues of knowledge: nanomedicine, cellular and tissue engineering and ICT for health. These are placed at the service of science and society to progress in three major application areas, namely:

  • Bioengineering for future medicine
  • Bioengineering for regenerative therapies
  • Bioengineering for active ageing


The institute aims to work in everything from the most basic research in areas currently associated with nanotechnology applied to medicine, to the most technological applications aimed at diagnosis or robotic and minimally invasive surgery, among others.

Specifically, IBEC has the following specific tasks, among others:

  • To drive frontier research at the highest international level, through joint, cooperative organisation to carry on this activity, stimulating relations between its own researchers and those at other institutions throughout the world.
  • To foster multidisciplinary research, in order to build up sufficient critical mass devoted to research in the broad spectrum of science and technology that come together in bioengineering, to make possible sufficient transfer of knowledge and application between researchers and business sectors.
  • To drive teaching and transfer of knowledge, techniques and technology in disciplines involved in bioengineering, through an academic programme which allows fundamental aspects to be balanced with their technological applications.
  • To foster the raising of funds for research by accumulating own resources, subsidies, awards, assistance and donations given both by public institutions and by private individuals or organisations.
  • To establish cooperation between the foundation and healthcare institutions and industry with the aim of fostering competitiveness in this sector, encouraging innovation and training in emerging areas of bioengineering.
  • To reach out to local and international venture capital funds and companies in order to encourage the setting up and promotion of spin-off businesses by researchers and students at the institute.
  • To organise national and international scientific meetings, offering the scientific community specialist services and products.
  • To contribute through research to progress in technology and innovation and to enhancing the welfare of society and people in Catalonia.
  • All other tasks which help to foster bioengineering research and the achievement of the aims for which it was set up.