LabHuman - Polytechnic University of Valencia


Nowadays, technology is present in every aspect of our lives, however, it is necessary to understand and analyze human activity if we want to fit technologies into people’s everyday lives. The institute LabHuman analyzes human activity in its various facets and develops innovative and radical forms of human-computer interaction to ensure that technology is integrated naturally and seamlessly in our daily activities. From a scientific point of view, our interest are to understand and classify the relevant significance of each aspect of the human activity and how to use this information in computer mediated technologies for enhancing human abilities and quality of life. From a technological point of view, our objectives are to improve interactive technologies like mixed realities, natural user interfaces and /or smart mobile devices used at different formats and the development of algorithms, methods and techniques for ubiquitous and non-obtrusive measurement of human activity. We are particularly interested in applications which augment a people’s abilities in the areas of health, learning, collaboration and decision-making.

The objective of LabHuman is the promotion and practice of scientific research, non-formal teaching, technology transfer and technical advice in the field of LabHuman activity. Other objective of the Institute is the promotion and to encourage interdisciplinary research involving various internal working groups and other external to ours, making possible the realization of R+D+i projects of higher quality and magnitude of which each group could perform independently.

To achieve these objectives, LabHuman has a multidisciplinary team of about 50 people. It is one of the few national institutions accredited with ISO 9001 policy concerning the management of R + D. Currently, the institute has several spin-offs and patents, more than 300 articles and papers in national and international conferences and it participates in 4 European projects (3 of them belonging to H2020 and one FP7) and several national and regionals. Besides, LabHuman has the experience of participation in many other European and national projects. The institute has a team of cross-development (including programmers, testers, ergonomists, graphic designers, etc.) and different research lines composed of senior and junior researchers and PhD students and specificif departaments in: innovation, recruitment and consultancy in European and national projects, quality and human resources, economic and financial, etc


Research lines and capabilities that we have worked on LabHuman:

  • Development of techniques for processing (segmentation, filter, registration, classification, etc.) medical imaging (CT, MRI, PET, DTI, fMRI, retinography, spectroscopy, etc) with different radiological applications, surgical, etc (liver, breast, brain , vascular, bladder, brain, etc)
  • New human-machine interfaces for operating theaters
  • Surgical simulation
  • Simulation of the biomechanical behavior of organic tissues
  • Virtual motor and cognitive neurorehabilitation
  • Ambient intelligence: sensing of individuals to meet their physical and emotional state
  • New technologies for the treatment of mental disorders and promotion of psychological well-being through virtual and augmented reality
  • NeuroArquitecture: Design of hospital spaces to generate greater sense of wellbeing, security, calm, etc in the patient using immersive technologies.