Ventura Medical Technologies


BV Medical Technologies, SL (Ventura Medical) is a family business that has a know-how and a business strategy focused on developing innovative medical technology and with a resolute policy of internationalization. The medical, engineering and industrial knowledge of the organization results in added value in developing new Medical Devices and enable its participation in all the stages of a technology transfer process. 

Ventura Medical is a Spin-off of BVentura, SL (BV), dedicated to manufacturing components for the automotive industry, which was created in 2010 with the aim of diversifying the activity of BV, forming Ventura Group

The company is formed by specialized professionals with a high knowledge in engineering, biotechnology and project management in the field of innovation. The company is also supported by all the infrastructure and expertise of BV, not only by the R&D Department but also by the different departments of manufacturing, logistics, financial and commercial. It counts simultaneously with a network of experts such us specialized consultants.

 The Ventura Group, in turn, has three production plants, logistics and marketing:

- Baldomero Ventura SL. Les Franqueses del Vallès (Barcelona)

- BVentura Corp. Houston (Texas)

- BVentura Suzhou (China)


Ventura Medical invests in development and marketing of medical technology and dedicates its efforts to bring innovative ideas with high impact and added value, to commercialize inventions with the maximum guarantees of success. It offers the opportunity to develop the ideas of health professionals, enhancing their inventive capacity with the know-how of the company to provide technological solutions to real needs in this sector. It also develops own products or acquires rights on knowledge and medical technology that represents an opportunity to enrich their "pipeline".

The company has the expertise and experience of over 50 years in the industry and in the field of R+D+i of BV to cover all stages of project development, making Ventura Medical very competitive in the sector of Medical Technology.

 The company offers the following services:

- Recruitment of the inventive capacity of health professionals and researchers. 

- Technical advice to health professionals to improve their equipment, from the industrial and technological point of view.

- The product design according to the planned functional requirements, until the idea becomes a prototype.

- Participation in the validation tests of the new technology.

- Manufacturing and marketing of the product to reach the markets with maximum guarantee of success.

 To guarantee these services, the company also establishes partnership relations and / or subcontracts agents or companies that can add value in the process of project development.

From here, the valuation of the entire project is performed (from the idea to the market), and a technology transfer is established with the owners of knowledge to exploit the product commercially.

The company is in a growing phase, about to launch two of its products and increasing its Pipeline by developing new innovation projects. One of its products is the Pectus UP Surgery Kit (new implant for a new less invasive surgical technique for patients with Pectus Excavatum) which will be commercialized in the world market soon in 2015. The other product called Lantitaps (device for removing cerumen plugs in the ears) will be marketed later in 2015. In addition, we are developing other projects in the field of rehabilitation, pneumology, urology, neurophysiology and neurosurgery through technology transfer agreements with hospitals and universities.

The target audience for the new "technologies" in which our company is involved is the patient or person who will benefit from the use of newly developed and marketed products.

Our main customers are the different health professionals, health centers, research and innovation units, universities and technological centers who will eventually detect innovation needs for medical devices.