VeraTech for Health


VeraTech for Health is a Spanish Technology-based company focused on the improvement of health care through the development of information technologies in health. In particular, it offers semantic interoperability, standardization, auditing, and exploitation of clinical information to improve health management and decision support.

The promoter group and the staff includes health informatics professionals, some of them with more than 17 years of experience. In particular, some of its founders and currents equip members of VeraTech are experts internationally recognized in fields like semantic interoperability of health information, evaluation of biomedical data quality and clinical decision support systems.



VeraTech is a company that bets firmly on the research and knowledge transfer for the creation of new products of high added value. Since its inception as spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de València, it maintains multiple collaborations with this and other research entities in its search for improvement and continuous innovation in its products.

Some of the entities that have collaborated with VeraTech are:

  • Consorcio Hospital General Universitario de Valencia
  • Hospital Virgen del Castillo de Yecla
  • IVI (Instituto de Infertilidad de Valencia)
  • ISCIII (Instituto de Salud Carlos III)
  • IISLaFe (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria LaFe)
  • AGESIC (Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información – Uruguay)
  • Hospital Universitario 12 de octubre de Madrid
  • Hospital Universitari Clínic de Barcelona



Products and services

  • LinkEHR is a platform of semantic interoperability that allows the integration and standardization of health data, as well as the definition and governance of clinical information models.
  • qualize is an on-line service of evaluation and rating of biomedical data quality to guarantee optimal exploitation of the data for the clinical or sanitary management decision making.
  • Development of customized Medical Decision Support System for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, risk calculation, support to healthcare processes and implementation of protocols and clinical guidelines.
  • Consulting and training in ICT for health.

Investigation Lines

  • Methodologies for development, governance and semantic enrichment of clinical information models
  • Design and development of a metric for the predictive value of biomedical data repositories and their integration into a platform for data quality assessment
  • Service for the evaluation and rating of the data quality of biomedical repositories