Continuous pasteurizer for human milk

The human milk pasteurizer developed by Hospital 12 de Octubre manages to guarantee microbiological safety.

Human milk is the ideal food until six months of life for all newborns, especially for premature, sick or very low birth weight infants. The Neonatology Service of the Hospital 12 de Octubre has devised a continuous pasteurizer for breast milk, which allows the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms from milk and improves its nutritional and immunological quality. This pasteurizer has been possible thanks to the participation of the companies SIVE FLUID SYSTEMS and PROBISEARCH, co-owners of the patent for said pasteurizer, already granted in Spain and pending at European level.

This pasteurizer is designed exclusively for the volumes of human milk that are routinely pasteurized in a milk bank, which can range from 0.5 liters to a production of 10 liters. "With this treatment, we are able to guarantee the microbiological safety of breast milk, while maintaining a higher percentage of the main components to which the benefits of breast milk are attributed, such as immunoglobulins, growth factors, hormones or enzymes. ", says Diana Vieco Escuder, responsible for the processing of donated milk at the Regional Bank of Mother's Milk of the Community of Madrid.

Within the framework of this project, there is already a pasteurizer prototype developed by SIVE FLUID SYSTEMS, a joint owner to whom the rest of the partners have delegated the marketing of this product in the European Union and Peru, markets of special interest at a strategic level. For its part, the prototype is located in the Regional Bank of Mother's Milk of the Community of Madrid of the Hospital Materno Infantil 12 de Octubre.