ADmit Therapeutics: first test for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

The biotechnological company ADmit Therapeutics, which emerged from the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute, has received 3.3 million euros from the European Commission, which will allow the commercialization of the first test for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's from blood samples. According to Marta Barrachina, researcher and CEO of the biotechnology company, the test will establish a predictive algorithm integrated into medical software, which will allow issuing a diagnostic report to determine if the patient progresses into Alzheimer's.

In addition to the clinical utility of the test to establish early treatment, the pharmaceutical industry can also benefit from this advance. "The test will be very useful in selecting the type of patient and thus optimizing the success of clinical trials. As these patients are in premature stages of the disease, the efficacy of the drugs under study can be demonstrated", says the doctor. Barrachina.

The diagnostic test being developed by ADmit Therapeutics, based on an epigenetic analysis of mitochondrial DNA in blood samples, is based on the hypothesis that mitochondria stop working properly just before the appearance of the classic brain aggregates of β-amyloid proteins and tau.

The project has the financial push to complete the clinical validation and develop a predictive algorithm. For the CEO of ADmit Therapeutics, when an Alzheimer's treatment drug appears, the test will be used for diagnosis in national health systems and private clinics. Currently, the company is working with the predictive algorithm through the analysis of more than 300 blood samples from patients and intends to begin the clinical validation of the test next year.