Workshop on Competitive Intelligence & Effective Exploitation of Patents

Within the framework of KIC InnoEnergy, the consortium of IALE Tecnología, ZBM Patents & Trademarks and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya has designed the Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents workshop to supply knowledge in this field. Due to their combined broad experience in assessment and consulting, they have realised that many companies fail to identify their full potential, and many do not use accurate tools to recognise intangible assets and benchmark themselves with regard to the competition.

The Competitive Intelligence and Effective Exploitation of Patents workshop is divided into three modules:

  1. How to understand or read a patent (objectives of a patent, elements of a patent), patentability (novelty, invention, industrial applicability, differences between the US and Europe), patent infringement (direct infringement, contributory infringement, doctrine of equivalents, territoriality) and basics on patent drafting (claims, description, figures).

  2. Introduction to competitive intelligence (CI and related strategic tools:technology scouting, roadmapping, foresight), search and analysis (identifying and selecting information sources, data collection from databases, patents as a source of information, patents as competitive intelligence tools, patent data and text mining, technology landscaping), applications, use cases (trends and emerging technologies, competitor profiling and monitoring, technology assessment, etc.).

  3. Transfer mechanisms (how to market a given technology) and tools and resources to manage and promote IP effectively.

More information in the attached document.

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