International IP Training event in oxford: "From invention to innovation"

The strategic use and management of Intellectual Property (IP) – in business as well as in international research initiatives – is essential for strengthening the European scientific and technological base, boosting innovation and ensuring growth in the EU. In this context the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020, places even more emphasis on systematic IP exploitation strategies as a means to better protect innovation initiatives and to reap commercial and economic benefits from EU-funded research.

Therefore this two-day IP training event will address the overall topic of how to create value through professional management and exploitation of IP. Following a very practical and comprehensive training approach, participants will be made familiar with central concepts and strategies of how to turn intellectual assets into value-creating innovations.

The training is offered free of charge and is intended for representatives from academia, research organisations and industry - in particular SMEs - interested or involved in collaborative research projects under FP7 or Horizon 2020.

The training is provided by the European IPR Helpdesk, an initiative funded by the Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission under the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), aimed at providing advice and information on IP to beneficiaries of EU-funded research projects and European SMEs involved in transnational technology transfer.

The first day will mainly focus on IP and innovation management aspects which should be addressed at the proposal phase of a Horizon 2020 project, such as defining a credible strategy and “route to market” for potential research outcomes.

The second day addresses practical issues of IP exploitation during and after the project (FP7 or Horizon 2020). This includes best practice in capturing and assessing IP as well as developing the “business landscape” for the successful commercialisation of research results.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (MEMS) - Oxford Brookes University

Oxford, UK