5ª convocatoria IMI2

Estimados, les informamos de las últimas novedades sobre la próxima convocatoria IMI2 que se publicará el 30 de junio y se el 29 septiembre 2015 (primera fase).

Ha sido publicado el borrador de la convocatoria en la que se incluyen 6 de los 8 topics que previamente se habían anunciado (el resto se valorarán para futuras convocatorias).

Los topics publicados son:

1. Patient perspective elicitation on benefits and risks of medicinal products from development through the entire life cycle, for integration into Benefit Risk assessments by Regulators and Health Technology Assessment bodies.

2. Diabetic kidney disease biomarkers (DKD-BM)

3. Inflammation and Alzheimer's disease (AD): modulating microglia function - focusing on TREM2 and CD33

4. Understanding the role of amyloid biomarkers in the current and future diagnosis and management of patients across the spectrum of cognitive impairment (from predementia to dementia).

5. Evolving models of patient engagement and access for earlier identification of Alzheimer's disease: phased expansion study

6. ApoE biology to validated Alzheimer´s disease targets.