Clinical research institute sought for Eurostars project

Summary: A German company specialised in measurement and sensor technology is looking for a clinical research center to join a Eurostars project. The project aims at developing a standardized method (and prototype) for non-invasive blood pressure measurement instruments in order to monitor patients data in a systematic and more reliable manner. The partner sought should have experiences with cardiovascular diseases and will be in charge of developing a framework for clinical parameters and patients’ needs.

Description: The German company is filing a project with the overall aim of developing a standardized method to calibrate non-invasive blood pressure measurement instruments. This way blood pressure values can be used more reliably in medical diagnostics and patient monitoring. 

Once the method is developed and tested in the frame of the project it can be translated into a European wide standard. Once an EU standardised measurement is possible prevention measures and therapies for cardiovascular diseases can be applied, exchanged and further developed a lot better on European scale. 

Therefore the project could contribute to a standardisation on European level leading to a better comparability of patient data within the EU, hence to more reliable diagnoses. 

Work packages: 

1) A calibration method shall be compiled that takes all medial and technical requirements into consideration. (task of profile holder)

2) Based on that a prototype will be developed as well as a corresponding software that needs to be integrated. (task of profile holder and software developer)

3) A measurement test-site needs to be developed in which adequate measurements can be performed according to specific standards. (primary task of clinical research center)

To complete those crucial tasks an interdisciplinary team consisting of measurement technicians, software developers and doctors is required. The consortium is still lacking a clinical/medical center that is well experienced with cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure monitoring. 

Type and Role of Partner Sought: The Institute should be active in the area of cardiovascular diseases and well experienced in blood pressure monitoring (should have access to medical equipment for blood pressure monitoring).

The clinical/medical research center shall develop clinical parameters and provide input with regard to patient’s needs. This will be the basis for developing technical Parameters for the prototype. 

Further Tasks: 

- validation of various, non-invasive blood pressure methods with regard to calibration

- development of a reference mehod out of medical perspective

- participation in laboratory testing of the developed prototype

- development and implementation of practical tests in a clinical context 

The partner sought should be located in a member state that participates in the Eureka Eurostars programme.

Contact: alvaro.bort(ELIMINAR)