Unidad de experimentación con animales genéticamente modificados

Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe


The Unit for Experimentation with Genetically Modified Animals (UEAGEM) of the IIS La Fe which is located in the basement of the Tower A of the University and Polytechnic Hospital La Fe, has a total floor area of about 600 m2, and it is prepared for to store/house and research with mice, rabbits, rats, pigs and fishes. 

The experienced professionals responsible of the unit sustain a wide variety of studies based on animal housing, experimental design with different animal models, consultancy and regulatory issues. 

These professionals collaborate in the development of investigations carried out on these animals, applying the anesthetics and surgical procedures for its implementation. In addition, they are responsible for the welfare of animals during experimental use through pain management and treatment protocols (analgesia), monitoring of postsurgical recovery of animals and humane killing (euthanasia) at the end of the proceedings, including waste management. 


The UEAGEM is provided with:

- Separate housing for each specie. 
- Three experimentation laboratories provided with operating rooms fully equipped for big size and small size animals, and post and pre-operatory cubicles.
- Microsurgery room cubicle. 
- A surgical area with five surgical positions with a work surface of 70 m², adjustable in different working solutions to become independent in three separate surgical areas.
- Specific Pathogen Free area SPF of 115 m² for rats and mice, equipped with quarantine, two animal housing units and two experimental laboratories.

The electrical installation allows modulation of light to adjust to lighting cycles as required and provides imperceptible lighting by animals to facilitate their custody without interfering in cycles.

All the activity carried out at the UEAGEM is approved by the Ethical Committee for Animal Experimentation (CEEA) of the IIS La Fe, which is the body responsible for the welfare of animals used for research to reduce their suffering. 


Responsible Researcher: 

Hugo Salgado, DVM, MsC.

Dirección postal:

e- mail: animalario@iislafe.es

Telephone: (+ 34) 963 862 700