Biobanco La Fe

Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe


The Biobank La Fe, as CENTRALIZED SERVICE PLATFORM of the University and Polytechnic Hospital La Fe of Valencia was created with the aim of establishing links between donors, clinicians and researchers to enhance and ensure quality research, understood as a research developed respecting the rights of donors and under certain technical and organizational guarantees. 

It is considered a leading hospital biobank both in the national and European territory, it stores/assumes and manages about 10,000 samples a year, to which 40 research groups have contributed. The samples managed by the Biobank La Fe are being requested for various studies, clinical trials and multicenter studies. Moreover, the Biobank participates in the creation and integral management of centralized sample collection such as that of the Spanish Group of Myelodysplastic Syndromes.

It belongs to the Spanish National Biobank Platform (ISCIII), it participates in international quality programs to guarantee transparency in its activities and it is the first Spanish biobank that has its own specialized External Ethics Committee (CEBCI).


Biobank La Fe is provided with more than 200 m2, with the possibility of expanding. Nowadays, this platform has: eleven freezers with their alarm systems, security, temperature monitoring and remote control, refrigerators with -20 freezers, refrigerated centrifuges, an extractor robot of nucleic acids (TECAN® & CHEMAGEN® ), DROPSENSE 96 (system of quantification and detection of pollutants), a fluorometer (GLOMAX Promega®), a sample management system, associated information and documentation, tanks of liquid N2 for cryopreservation of cells, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis tank, Scepter cell counter (MilliporeTM), among others.


Scientific Leadership: José Vicente Cervera, PhD

Scientific Subdirection: Pilar Solves, PhD

Coordination: Raquel Amigo

Dirección postal:


Tel nº: (+34) 961 246 681

(+34) 626 494 032 (ext. 485606)