Animal Housing facility

Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital Clinic de Barcelona - IDIBAPS



Facility for experimental animals housing that complies with the applicable legislation on protecting animals used for experiments and for other scientific purposes. Forms part of the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA-UB)

Equipamiento / Know-How del grupo relevante

  • Stabling drawers and racks (FC + UB)
  • Ventilated racks (UB)
  • Extractors (UB + FC)
  • Biological safety chamber (UB)
  • Siemens X-ray equipment (FC)
  • Experimental large animal operating theatre (UB + FC)
  • Surgical lenses (UB)
  • Ventilators (UB + FC)
  • Anaesthesia equipment (UB)
  • Autoclaves (UB)
  • Equipment washer and bottle washer (UB)
  • SAS (UB)


Proper housing and veterinary control to experimental animals.

Datos de Contacto

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