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The Biobank is a centralised institutional support core facility for coordinating the collection, processing, storage and transfer of human biological samples to promote the highest standard biomedical research. With the aim of optimizing the human resources and equipment in the Biobank, this facility offers a wide range of services for the processing and analysis of the samples gathered by the research groups. All the procedures performed at the Biobank are carried out under ISO9001 certification.

Equipamiento / Know-How del grupo relevante

  • -20ºC, -80ºC and -150ºC freezers with safety systems;
  • Vapour phase liquid Nitrogen tanks.
Neurological tissue bank
  • Cubicles for obtaining the material in sterile conditions
  • Instruments for preparing samples for the microscope
  • Filing cabinets for collecting paraffined samples
  • Gas filtration cabinet
  • Automated immunostaining appliance
  • Combination refrigerator and -40ºC freezer for preserving fungibles
  • Autoclave for sterilising surgical material
Tumour bank
  • Equipment for preparing tissue microarrays (TMAs): TMA Master (3Dhistech)(UB Faculty of Medicine / FEDER)
  • LaserTissue microdissection microscope with laser LMD7000 (Leica Microsystems)
  • Microtomes and cryostat (Leica Microsystems)
  • Tissue processor (Leica Microsystems)
  • Bond Max III for automated immunohistochemistry (Leica Microsystems)
  • Digital slide scanner Pannoramic Desk (3Dhistech)
  • Multiobserver microscope BX43 with a 12Mpx photographic camera and the morphometric analysis software CellSens Dimension (Olympus)
Blood and Fluid Biobank
  • Programmable freezer with a controlled freezing ramp
  • “Chemagic MSM1®” automated device for obtaining DNA from large volumes of blood
  • "Tecan EVO150®” automated station for the aliquoting of samples
  • “CoulterZ1®” cells and particles counter
  • TC Automated Cell Counter (Bio Rad)
  • Cabinets for isolating cells in sterile conditions
  • Cell immortalisation platform
  • Computer systems for managing samples and related data
  • ABF500 Automated Blood Fractionation system (RTS)


To provide the scientific community with standard, well characterised biological samples with high added value, in order to promote, foster and develop biomedical research in accordance with current legislation.

The bank’s catalogue of samples is formed by the samples collected by three large banks, all of them with an extensive experience in research with human samples and which are available for scientific purposes for the consolidation of personalized medicine: Neurological Tissue bank; Tumour bank and Anatomical Pathologies Collections; Blood and Fluid bank.

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