Medical Imaging

Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital Clinic de Barcelona - IDIBAPS



The main objectives of the Medical Imaging facility are:
  1. To provide services related to medical imaging techniques for researchers from IDIBAPS and other institutions, and to industries connected with health.
  2. To perform first-rate basic and clinical research into medical imaging using structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy,molecular imaging, other types of medical imaging and image processing.
  3. To provide researcher with training in techniques and basic research to enable them to conduct experimental and clinical studies, thereby allowing them to explore the advantages of translational research.

Equipamiento / Know-How del grupo relevante

Clinical Imaging Research (3T MRI Unit):
  • RM 3T- Siemens 3T TRIO, B17 software
  • 32 phased-array head coil
  • 8 phased-array head coil
  • Body coil,
  • Others phase array coil
Experimental Imaging Research (7T MRI Unit):
  • Bruker BioSpec 70/30 (gradient system of 400 mT/m)
  • Imaging volume coils for mice, rat and small cats or rabbits
  • Surface coil for rat and mouse brain imaging
  • Surface coil for rat heart imaging (with CINE acquisition sequence)
  • Volume coils for 1H/13C, 1H/31P and 1H/19F spectroscopy
  • Surface coil for 1H/13C spectroscopy
  • Electric stimulator for fMRI
  • Inhalation anaesthetic system including animal monitoring
  • 4 PC for image processing and analysis
Image Processing Lab
  • 3 dedicated workstations (1 Mac, 2 linux) and 7 high performance
  • PC (5 dual windows-linux, 2 windows) for image post-processing
  • 10 standard PC
  • Sofware licenses: 10 Matlab, 2 LcModel, 1 AnalyzeDirect


Medical imaging.
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