Bioinformatics Unit

Desarrollado por: INCLIVA Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria



The unit is dedicated to the "omics" data analysis and contribute to research projects by giving support and guiding internal and external researchers in the best ways of designing and analyzing results from their experiments.

  • Data analysis and support of data coming from "omics" experiments.
  • Consulting service to researchers with experimental design and statistics.
  • Development of bioinformatics infrastructures for management, QC and processing sequencing and microarray data from genomics and other high throughput technologies.
  • development of software and analysis pipelines to support high throughput technologies.
  • Access for computational resources to researchers.
  • training in the analysis and interpretation of research experiments.


INCLIVA has a computing facility with 100 cores, 400 GB of RAM memory, 80 TB of redundant network storage and 20 TB of fast non-redundant storage local to the nodes for high I/O processes like short read alignments or variant calling from bam files.

INCLIVA Innovation Unit
Tel: +34961973977