Oncolology Phase I oncology clinical trials unit

Desarrollado por: INCLIVA Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria


INCLIVA is the only hospital of Valencia performing Phase I cancer clinical trials, and one of the few in Spain. Phase I trials are those in which a substance or product is tested in humans for the first time.

INCLIVA is conducting, through the Oncology and Hematology Department, 189 clinical trials, 99 of them related to treatment in the early stages of testing (34 phase I or "first in human" and 66 phase II). INCLIVA’s new facilities provide a full floor and a half specifically dedicated to host the unit.

The unit aims to develop and select new drugs through clinical trials and performing studies related to the pathogenesis, prognosis and new experimental therapies in solid tumors


The unit implements early clinical trials with experimental agents in the field of Oncology.


  • -80º C Freezer 
  • -20º C Freezer
  • Refrigerated desktop centrifuge 
  • Scientific refrigerator 
  • Conventional fridge 
  • Defibrillator 
  • Electrocardiographic equipment
  • 7 monitors (blood pressure, heart rate and 02 saturation)
  • 7 double medication infusion pumps 
  • 7 heads gases (oxygen and vacuum)


The following facilities are located on the second floor:
  • Reception and waiting room 
  • 2 Consulting rooms
  • Staff room 
  • Meeting room
  • Therapy room
  • The third floor hosts the following facilities 
  • Clinical trials office
  • Monitoring room
  • Clinical Trials archives



Head of Unit: Prof. Andres Cervantes Ruipérez
E-mail: Andres.Cervantes@uv.es
Contact phone: +34 961973528