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Lack of selective and alternative treatment for resistant cancers


Oncolytic adenovirus technology platform to design highly selective and efficient agents that replicate and self-amplify exclusively in tumor cells


• Extensive preclinical studies with VCN-01 in animal models demonstrate a good oxicology profile of the virus, both in mice and hamsters.

• New viruses candidate for preclinical studies, and early efficacy studies in humans (Phase I and II clinical trials).


Over the past decade oncolytic viruses have been genetically modified to complete its viral cycle exclusively in cells that express functions that characterize tumor cells. In virtue of such modifications viral replication is linked to genetic alterations of human tumors.

Among different viral backbones developed for virotherapy, oncolytic viruses derived from human adenovirus type 5 (Ad5wt) are especially appealing given the limited pathogenicity of this virus and the possibility to control the expression of its genes. Its value in cancer treatment has been demonstrated in different preclinical and clinical phase I, II, and III studies.

The selectivity of oncolytic adenoviruses allows their systemic administration, which is especially relevant for the treatment of disseminated cancer.

Estado de protección

Currently VCN has four exclusive patent licenses in independent technologies developed internally and in collaboration with the Virotherapy Group of the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO-IDIBELL) that result in enhanced antitumoral potency of oncolytic adenoviruses.

TRL: Phase I-II Clinical Trials

IP: Granted patents (EP, AU, HK, KR, JP, RU, US) EP3137599

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