Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL)


Unmet Need:

High risk laparoscopically interventions limits its use to very skilled surgeons.

Proposed Solution:

Easy to use new ELLA Stapler for laparoscopic right colectomy


  • A new device for ELLA surgeries

  • A stapler to reduce surgical trauma

  • A novel safe and easy approach of laparoscopic procedure


ELLA Stapler is a medical tool to be used in patients undergoing a laparoscopic right colectomy or undergoing any kind of laparoscopic intestinal resection and reconstruction of the intestinal integrity.

This device has been conceived and designed to address the problems of intracorporeal ileo-colic anastomosis after right, extended right or subtotal colectomy.

ELLA anastomosis technique could be applied to all forms of anastomoses in the small bowel anastomosis during laparoscopy. It could also be applied as a first choice technique in the closure of a protective ileostomy/colostomy.

Estado de protección

The proposed ELLA stapler would be based in current staplers but with an important improvement in the cutting and sealing process.

A 3D prototype has been developed. After that, there is needed the development of a pre-prototype to test in animal models.

IP status: Patent application on draft.

Cooperación que se desea

IDIBELL is seeking a company partner to further develop the technology through a co-development agreement.

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