New phenolic natural extract obtained from olive and herbal spices with proven cardioprotective effect

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The proposed technology consists of a natural extract with proven cardioprotective effects. The extract is enriched with phenols of olive origin and supplemented with bioactive compounds of herbal spices from the Labiatae family.  Its use in the food industry, as a product itself or as an ingredient for food formulations, will enable the development of new foods with cardioprotective effects which can be consumed in the context of a balanced diet and by the general population. Collaboration with industrial partners, food companies, or ingredient manufacturers in order to complete the development of a commercial product and/or for the adaptation to specific needs are being sought

This product consists of a natural extract which combines olive oil phenols and other bioactive compounds from herbal spices. The bioactive compounds of the natural extract have been characterized and quantified.

Its use allows a novel therapeutic approach by means of the combination of complementary antioxidants from different origins that provides additional health benefits. Consumer acceptance has previously been assessed by conducting a panel test. Data from a randomized, controlled, crossover, clinical trial showed an improvement of in vivo endothelial function and HDL subclass distribution, in humans. These effects were obtained with a low daily intake of the extract.

This phenol-enrich the new ingredient is based on natural extracts from edible herbal spices of Labiatae family and from olive cake. It is obtained by accelerated solvent extraction in ethanol/water and at high temperature and pressure conditions.

Bioactive compounds have been characterized and quantified and a standardized content is assured


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. It is a project in collaboration with the University of Lleida and the URV. He is currently in the transfer phase seeking to license.





High-phenol enriched oils and foods are generally not palatable due to an excessive bitterness. The combination of phenols from different origins such as olive, herbs and spices improves consumer acceptance whilst increasing the oxidative stability

Emulsions and water contained systems. Dressings and spreads. Olive oil, vegetal oils, and systems of low water content.

Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals

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