Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL)


Lack of sensitive and non-invasive diagnostic techniques for atherosclerotic disease and stroke prediction

Ischemic Stroke Risk-TEST for the prediction and monitoring the risk of ischemic stroke


  • Vulnerable atherothrombotic plaque identification using blood circulating miRNA biomarkers

  • Point-of-Care microfluidics paperbased analytical device (μPADs) integration (in co-development with Paperdrop Diagnostics S.L.)


This circulating biomarker can be used:

1) to detect vulnerable atherothrombotic plaque in patients with high-grade carotid artery stenosis and to predict the risk of primary and secondary ischemic stroke;

2) as a prognostic biomarker to monitor the effectiveness of the best medical treatment and for the occurrence or restenosis; and

3) for long-term management monitoring and/or outcome prediction after carotid revascularization procedures.

It is intended that health services have available a diagnostic system, based on strips of paper and colorimetry, easy to interpret, that can give a quick, cheap response (without the need for expensive imaging techniques, which are not sensitive enough) for the immediate identification and follow-up of individuals at risk, and able to reach all levels of health in the general population. Moreover, a quick diagnostic test based in our circulating miRNA, in addition to acting as a diagnostic tool, can be a key element in facilitating the decision-making of health professionals.

Estado de protección

Circulating miRNA validated in pilot studies using human serum samples with successfully outcome. A portion of these results is about to be published (Luque et al. (2018) J. Neurosurg, In Press).

IP status: A European patent application has been filed (EP16382025.1) and the PCT submission has been requested PCT/EP2017/051316.

Cooperación que se desea

IDIBELL is seeking a company partner to further develop the technology through a co-development or license agreement.

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