Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Santiago de Compostela (IDIS)


Gamification project for cardiac rehabilitation. It is an Intelligent Virtual Advisor for PREVENTION and Well Being CARdiovascular.
The project will facilitate any citizen, health professionals and health services to promote primary cardiovascular prevention activities at the population level, looking for a change in customs and social habits. In this way, we respond to a current challenge of our society, promoting the heart healthy culture through a change of role of the people.
In this context, PREBENCAR is considered as a platform of intelligent services that will allow self-management of the health status of users, promoting their well-being and cardiovascular prevention. Users will interact with the platform through mobile devices that, on the one hand, will capture data on their physical condition and activity and, on the other hand, provide Information and promote activities of physical exercise and cardiosaludable feeding to facilitate a change in their routines and behaviors towards healthier attitudes that increase their well-being.


For use by the population with cardiovascular problems and professionals of the area, for patients control, suggestions, encouragement and usual uses.

Carlos Grande Sellera

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