Drug eluting stent for the treatment of intimal hyperplasia

Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Hospital Clinic de Barcelona - IDIBAPS


Unmet need

The current drug-eluting stents reduce intimal hyperplasia in 90% of the cases. However, in high risk situations such as narrower arteries, tortuous segments, bifurcation, left main stenosis, diabetics, etc, the long-term success is reduced and intimal hyperplasia, angiographically detectable, develops in 10-15% of cases.

We have developed a new drug-eluting stent with a different mechanism of action for the treatment of intimal hyperplasia, with the following advantages:

 It can gradually release a selective potassium channel blocker.

 It can selectively stop migration and division of the vascular smooth muscles cells that cause the intimal hyperplasia.

 The clinical practice would benefit from the application of a preventive and/or therapeutic protocol against this vascular alteration.

This technology has been developed combining the experience of basic (Universidad de Valladolid) and clinical (Cardiology Unit of Hospital Clínic de Barcelona) research.

Dr. Mercè Roqué and Dr. Magda Heras are the principal investigators leading the clinical research. Dr. José Ramón López and Dr. Mª Teresa Pérez are the principal investigators leading the basic research.

Estado de protección

Intellectual Property

A patent application was filed on October 2008 (EP08105518 and P200900281). It has entered in national phases in EU and US. The applicants are Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Universidad de Valladolid.

Cooperación que se desea

Commercial Opportunity

Fundació Clínic per la Recerca Biomèdica (FCRB) is searching companies interested in the codevelopment of the technology and/or acquisition of the license. Experience and know-how related to drug-eluting stents is needed.

We offer working with a research group with wide experience in the cardiovascular field, and access to patients for clinical phases.

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