Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL)


Unmet Need:

Lack of early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease  

Proposed Solution:

  • Epigenetic (mtDNA) based Biomarkers for early AD diagnosis
  • Biomarker for the prediction of treatment response in AD patients  


  • Optimizing patients' recruitment in clinical trials

  • Early AD detection in the clinical practice

  • Test based in blood biomarkers


All clinical trials have failed because patients' recruitment has been performed at advance stages of the disease. Therefore, Pharmaceutical Companies are our potential clients at short-term, in order to optimize patients' recruitment in current clinical trials, as well as, to reanalyze finished clinical trials in order to identify effective drugs that have been discarded As a second step, the technology should be easily introduced in national health systems and private medical insurances.

Estado de protección

The group has robust data on the target validation obtained in the lab. It also has non-regulatory preclinical studies and first clinical proof-of-concept of target.

IP status: patent ongoing in national phases

Cooperación que se desea

IDIBELL is seeking a company partner to further develop the technology through a co-development and investment

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