Desarrollado por: Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge (IDIBELL)


This is an improvement of the mirror technique by developing a software to create real-time symmetric images and to record data in order to maintain a following up of the treatment. Using this tool, the clinician will be able to record the improvement of each patient at the same time that the rehabilitation process is being performed


This software can be used to improve the existing mirror therapy and to be combined with the facial muscular rehabilitation treatment in peripheral facial paralysis patients.

This therapy could also be applied in other areas such as:

  • LOGOPEDIA, rehabilitation therapy for speech in different disorders, such as aphasia.
  • MAXILOFACIAL, for assessment especially TMJ disorders to measure the mouth opening, overbite and others.
  • DENTISTRY, measurement of the correction performed by brackets

Estado de protección

A pilot study has been performed in patients with peripheral facial paralysis and followed by a survey asking patients for satisfaction with the treatment, being the results almost 100% satisfactory.

This study has been performed with a β-version of the software that will need further development.

IP status: A trade mark registration and copyright will proceed. A patent application will also be filed for the software protection in the US.

Cooperación que se desea

Co-development agreement.

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